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About The Specials

Belize offers a tremendous diversity of attractions and activities, many of which can be enjoyed in one vacation. The travel itineraries of most visitors include some combination of reef, rainforest, Maya temples and cultural activities. With today's busy lifestyles, consumers often need to make travel plans with little or no advance notice. provides visitors with quick access to current Belize travel specials – searchable, in one location!

Many specials offered here are tested and proven combinations based on popular demand by busy vacationers such as yourself.

Shop among a variety of constantly updated offerings for your preferred in-country destinations, type of activity or price range, pick the one’s that suit you then click to contact the selected provider.

Does provide online booking? is a central clearing-house of special Belize travel offers. We bring the consumer and the provider together, allowing the consumer to book directly with the provider. Direct links and contact information are provided with each offer and online booking links are linked wherever provided

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